MIKEY PETERSON is meditative images shift through extended real-time shots, subtle dissolves, and startling jump cuts. Light contrasts through darkened backgrounds, and classical elements—water, fire, air and earth—create abstracted spaces. These distortions, influenced by pre-CGI science fiction films, arthouse horror, experimental cinema, and sound collage aim to disturb the viewer's self-perception and sense of place while reinforcing and recontextualizing their bond with the natural world through the use of digital technology. Subtle events appear dramatic, and nature's movements become surreal transformations as they reside within the boundary between the physical and the virtual. Footage, extracted from the natural world, is digitally altered, and taken out of its original context in order to paradoxically reveal other truths about the world that it is from – unveiling connections between memory, environmental preservation, environmental degradation, and the human condition. To advance this process, Peterson manipulates the ambient sound from the source recordings to compose a cohesive soundtrack, moving the viewer into dream-like meditations, chaotic landscapes, and dark surreal spaces that showcase the organic rhythms of tone and light.

His work has shown at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City; Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Photography; the Chicago Cultural Center; the University of Chicago's Smart Museum; Chicago's Zhou B Art Center, Bridge Video; Rome's MAXXI Museum; South Korea's CICA Museum; the Armory Center For The Arts in Pasadena, California; Seattle's Northwest Film Forum; the SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles, California, the Lucca Film Festival in Lucca, Italy, London's Visions in the Nunnery, CURRENTS New Media in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the STREETVIDEOART exhibition in Paris, France, Brooklyn's Ende Tymes Festival, New York's Under The Subway Video Art Night, and the Video Art and Experimental Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. His work has been featured in publications including CICA Museum's Post Human: New Media Art 2020 and Digital Body: New Media Art 2018; Lake Ivan Film Journal; Mexico City's Blancopop; Paris' Stigmart 10 – Videofocus; LandEscape Art Review and the online audio publication, Text Sound. Peterson develops and teaches courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.











13-1S  TERRA'S TOMB  -  Mikey Peterson   1ª SESSÃO | 1st SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Mikey Peterson Direted and Visuals / Director/Camera

K. Sis Byers Floating Figure  

Shooting Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Mikey Peterson  Music and Sound 


TERRA'S TOMB: is an ongoing video project that explores mythic personal and planetary narratives, human-technological hybridity, and transience.

As we slowly move through organic textural fields, we experience the unlocking of a new place that lies somewhere between the physical, the virtual, the scientific, and the spiritual. Here we encounter what is both strange and familiar - a world where we entwine with nature's fluid states - triggering surreal transformations that can mirror our minds' narratives. These events might feel both close and far away, and as if they have happened before or soon will. The natural and figurative imagery solidifies not only their connection and effect on each other, but through the video medium, suggests technology's role in capturing, storing, and revealing new truths from the reimagined footage. The soundtrack reinforces this bond through a combination of digitally manipulated ambient recordings and the artist's recorded voice - forming a sonic landscape residing somewhere between diegetic sound and musical score. Through our relationship between memory, nature, and technology what is created, stored, and unearthed becomes the catalysts of change - releasing the invisible specters that define our present and alter our future.