(Spain – Espanha)

FRAN LEARTE & NATALIA MOLINOS (NASTPLAS)  - is an international Artists duo based in Madrid, Spain, formed in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte 'drFranken' and creative director Natalia Molinos 'Na' (together 'Equipo Nastplas').

Our work combines an impressive range of digital elements and abstract patterns with which we develop elaborate art pieces with a deep aesthetic inspired by the laws of nature, forms found in science, engineering, architecture, thought, inquiry and scientific research.

Our imaginary is nourished by a personal symbolism with which we seek to reflect in our works scenes and objects related to the human and natural world always cultivating the continuous search for answers of something beyond the visible, attracting the imagination and emotions of the viewer.

Through different planes we explore in a conceptual background the limits between reality and abstraction through an ascending and constant process of research and artistic experimentation.








(Spain – Espanha)



5-1S  XYPHO - Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas) 1ª SESSÃO | 1st SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas)  Direction and Creation (visual artwork)

Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas)  Music use free sounds remixed


XYPHO: focuses on a profound dialogue between the human and the artificial, challenging the conventional barriers between biology and technology. The work becomes a window into a potential future where cellular restoration and regeneration are not just abstract concepts but a tangible reality.

The meticulous representation of the complexity of human tissues and organs highlights their vitality and the regenerative engineering's ability to orchestrate the restoration of complex organ systems. The fusion of organic and technological elements questions our conventional understanding of human anatomy and raises reflections on the transformative potential of biotechnology in our existence.

The inherent sterility of biotechnology intertwines with the fragility of organic components, creating a web of contrasts that exposes humanity's eternal struggle to overcome its own limitations.

This artistic work leads us to contemplate a symbiosis in which the natural and the created harmoniously converge. Through "XyPHo"we reflect on reimagining our relationship with technology and considering how biotechnology can reconfigure the very essence of human life.

 TÍTULO - TITLE                        DURAÇÃO - TIME           ANO - YEAR           PAÍS - COUNTRY              FORMATO - FORMAT

  MORGAZMA I                                         3'29''                          2023               (Spain – Espanha)                             16:9

20-1S MORGAZMA I - Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas)   1ª SESSÃO | 1st SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas) Direction and Creation (visual artwork)

Eduardo Patús and  NastPlas Team Music 


MORGAZMA I : In these places, nature and technology come together to give birth to new forms of existence. What once was the imprint of a past society, is now home to organic, strange, and surreal beings that have evolved to adapt to their environment.

Human technology remains have turned into eternal monuments, mechanical fossils that narrate the story of a lost era. The beauty of these life forms lies in their conceptual strength, in the idea of how technology and nature can coexist and create something new.

However, they also make us reflect on our own existence and our impact on the planet, questioning the future and reflecting on the uncertainty and mystery of what is to come.As we delve into each one of them, we witness a visual symphony of organic and inanimate forms intertwining in a dance of life and death. Each structure tells its own story, its own interpretation of the symbiosis between nature and technology.

Mechanical remains, like eternal monuments of the human era, seem to play a nostalgic requiem for the past. And yet, the new life forms that have emerged on them are an affirmation of nature's ability to adapt and evolve, even in the harshest and strangest environments.

This duality, this tension between the human and the organic, leads us to reflect on the meaning of existence and our relationship with the natural world around us.

 TÍTULO - TITLE              DURAÇÃO - TIME             ANO - YEAR                   PAÍS - COUNTRY              FORMATO - FORMAT

      VERIXAM                                0'51''                            2023                          (Spain – Espanha)                              16:9

5-2S VERIXAM - Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas)  2ª SESSÃO | 2nd SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas) Direction and Creation (visual artwork)

Fran Learte & Natalia Molinos (Nastplas) Music use free sounds remixed


VERIXAM: In the near future, humanity will attain a profound understanding of biotechnology and biomaterials, unlocking the doors to the creation of bio-structures that defy imagination. Ethereal cities suspended in the air, fashioned from biomaterials that adapt to the ever-changing demands of their environment, interact with the elements, and adjust in real-time to the natural patterns that govern our planet.

Every corner of this ever-evolving landscape becomes an organism that feeds on the elements of the Earth, mimicking biological processes that have evolved over millennia. This symbiosis between science and nature leads us to contemplate a future where life itself transforms towards uncharted horizons, challenging the boundaries of comprehension and creativity