(Colombia - Colômbia | USA - EUA)

SANTIAGO ECHEVERRY - is a Colombian-American New Media Artist and Educator, with a background in Video Art, Performance Art, Interactive Media, and Artivism. Participating since 1989 in some of the most important film and media festivals in the world, Echeverry is considered a pioneer in Net Art and Queer Filmmaking in Latin America. In 1992, he graduated top of the inaugural class of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia's Film and Television School. In 1995, he was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Grant to earn his Master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications at NYU. He started teaching at the University of Tampa in 2005, got tenured in 2009, and promoted to full Professor in 2022 as a founding member of the Film, Animation and New Media Department. His research is focused on volumetric imaging, front-end development, UI/UX, and creative coding.








(Colombia - Colômbia | USA - EUA)



3-1S  ANATEMA (DOUG)  -  Santiago Echeverry  1ª SESSÃO | 1st SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Santiago Echeverry Direted, Produced, and Visuals

(Kinect, Editing, Code, Director, Producer)

César Cárdenas / Ciudad de México, México:  Music composer and performer

Doug Performer


ANATEMA (DOUG): Doug, PhD in Physics, a retired high school professor, nudist, in his 70's, is studied intimately, using the 3D sensor Kinect to capture the amazing tattoos that cover his athletic body. Having a wisdom that only comes from age, he represents a community that is fighting stereotypes and societal conventions. This is the Music Video for the song "Anatema/Anathema" by Mexican cyber punk musician César Cárdenas, known as Zoonosis. The still frames that compose the video are captured with the Kinect sensor using Processing 3.0, then compiled in After Effects, for a final edition in Premiere, in order to control the speed and the layering. There are no post-production filters to generate the visuals, just luma keying and traditional compositing techniques.

    TÍTULO - TITLE                    DURAÇÃO - TIME         ANO - YEAR        PA ÍS - COUNTRY        FORMATO - FORMAT

ANDANTE SPIANATO                          2'45''                        2014            (Colombia - Colômbia                    16:9   

                                                                                                                            USA - EUA)

6-2S  ANDANTE SPIANATO  -   Santiago Echeverry     2ª SESSÃO | 2nd SESSION

IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - V Edition 2023 (Funchal, Madeira - Portugal)


Santiago Echeverry  Direted, Produced, and Visuals

(Processing 2.2.1 + Kinect, After Effects, Premiere | Kinect, Programming and Editing)

Grigorios Zamparas Music and Sound (Pianist)

Susannah LeMarquand Choreography

Angela Olea Dancer


ANDANTE SPIANATO: is a video dance captured with the Kinect sensor, that studies the nature of classical ballet gestures in decomposed, animated 3D pixels and lines. The editing and the visuals are undoubtedly inspired by the XIX century paintings of ballet dancers by Edgar Degas; by the short Depuis le Jour by Derek Jarman, made for the movie Aria in 1987; and by Pas de Deux, a 1968 experimental dance film by Norman McLaren. Susannah LeMarquand, Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Tampa, created this short piece working with dancer Angela Olea. Frédéric Chopin's composition whose title means "Flowing Smoothly" in Italian, is performed by internationally acclaimed pianist Grigorios Zamparas, Professor of Music at the University of Tampa, and was recorded live during one of his guest recitals at the University of Indianapolis in 2009. The Kinect camera processing, programming and editing was done by Santiago Echeverry, Professor of New Media at the University of Tampa.